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Mulch, Pine Straw and More


Nothing sharpens the look of a landscape like fresh mulch. Besides appearance, having the right amount of mulch is critical to the health of your landscape plantings. It helps keep moisture in the ground by the plants root system while organically decomposing over time giving nutrients back to the soil. Beds should be topped off each season with a thin layer rather than mounding up the beds every few years. Three to four inches is usually desired in most beds. Mulch also helps prevent weeds from germinating and becoming eye soars. To further prevent weeds, pre-emergent weed control should be applied before installation.

Mulch installation from C and R Property Service LLC includes delivery of mulch to your home or business. C and R Property Service LLCcrews will install the material around trees, in flower beds and specific areas that you wish for your mulch to be placed. We offer many mulch varieties to suite you needs.

Best time to mulch

For the most part it is good to mulch plants at any time throughout the year. If it is going to be hot the day of installation be sure to water the day before too cool the soil temperature so plants to no get burned by the heat within the mulch.

How often?

It is suggested to mulch at least once a year in order to maintain nutrients in the soil. .

We will install any type of mulch you desire. 

Shredded pine bark mulchDouble shredded Hardwood mulchDyed brown double shredded Hardwood mulch Dyed black double shredded Hardwood mulchDyed red double shredded mulch 

Pine Straw

As the name implies, pine straw comes from pine trees, which shed their needles throughout the year. Once the needles drop to the ground, they are hand-raked, cleaned and baled without the need to cut down or harm the trees. This makes pine straw a very environmentally friendly choice for a landscaping and 
mulching material.

When applied correctly, pine straw prevents evaporation 
of water from the soil, reduces the growth of weeds, and helps to prevent soil compaction and erosion. Pine straw also protects plants from freezing conditions, helping keep the soil around the plants at a stable temperature. This is important for newer plants and those with shallow root systems. Plus, pine straw will improve the soil structure as it decays. 

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